PCB Projects

These are projects you can build. Just order PCBs from OSH Park and get your parts. Take a look at my parts and resources page for places to source parts.

If you haven’t heard of OSH Park it’s a service that produces prototype PCBs at reasonable prices. They charge by by the square inch and require you purchase three boards at a time, and shipping is free. These are projects I created and posted at OSH Park anyone can order board and build these projects for themselves.

Build a Big Muff

Follow this guide to build any version of the classic Big Muff.

Morbid Fur/Haunting Mids Fuzz

This is my version of the Haunting Mids Fuzz, which itself is a variation of the Big Muff.

Ugly Face by Tim Escobedo

Ugly Face is a classic raucous square wave synthesizer masquerading as a “fuzz” pedal. It’s really more of a guitar synth than than a fuzz pedal in my opinion. Building the Ugly Face is like a rite of passage for beginning DIY Stomp-box enthusiasts!

Vulcan Overdrive by Joe Davisson

The Vulcan is a great sounding box that goes from overdrive to heavy distortion. It’s got a bright and dynamic tone.

UBE Screamer by RunOffGroove

the UBE Screamer is Ibanez Tube Screamer variant that replaces the op-amp and transistors of the original Tube Screamer with single 4049UBE hex inverter. What’s interesting here that hex inverters are known for their tube like distortion. While it has a similar topology to the original TS-808 the UBE Screamer is really a new interesting overdrive/distortion with a great tone and range of control.

22/7 by RunoffGroove

The 22/7 is a Big Muff Pi variant. It replaces the transistors with the inverters in a single 4049UBE. It’s got a great BMP sound and some special sauce all it’s own. The controls are the same as a standard Big Muff with the addition of a tone range switch. This switch provides Classic, Flat, and Scoop modes that adjust its range.