PCB Projects

These are projects you can build. Just order PCBs from OSH Park and get your parts. Take a look at my parts and resources page for places to source parts.

If you haven’t heard of OSH Park it’s a service that produces prototype PCBs at reasonable prices. They charge by by the square inch and require you purchase three boards at a time, and shipping is free. These are projects I created and posted at OSH Park anyone can order board and build these projects for themselves.

Build a Big Muff

Order this PCB and make any version of the classic Big Muff. Read more on the project page.

Morbid Fur

This is new version of the Haunting Mids Fuzz. It’s a Big Muff without the tone stack. Ever wonder what your Big Muff Sounds like un muffled? Build one of these. This improves on the last LCB with better part placement footprints.

The project is shared on PCBWay.com

Haunting Mids Fuzz

Haunting Mids is a Big Muff variant. The circuits is the same as classic four transistor Muff without the tone stack and output buffer. If you’ve ever wondered what the raw unfiltered sound of the Big Muff is build one of these and hear it for yourself!

Ugly Face by Tim Escobedo

Ugly Face is a classic raucous square wave synthesizer masquerading as a “fuzz” pedal. It’s really more of a guitar synth an than a fuzz pedal in my opinion. It’s almost like a rite of passage for beginning DIY Stomp-box enthusiasts.

Vulcan Overdrive by Joe Davisson

The Vulcan is a great sounding box that goes from overdrive to heavy distortion. It’s got a bright and dynamic tone.

UBE Screamer by RunOffGroove

the UBE Screamer is Ibanez Tube Screamer variant that replaces the op-amp and transistors of the original Tube Screamer with single 4049UBE hex inverter. What’s interesting here that hex inverters are known for their tube like distortion. While it has a similar topology to the original TS-808 the UBE Screamer is really a new interesting overdrive/distortion with a great tone and range of control.

The UBE Screamer was developed by the DIY pioneers over at RunOffGroove.com. Originally created for the monthly stomp box completion at DIYStompBpxes.com forum back in 2006. Be sure to read the original write up for more information.

Below are links to the build page and order pages on PCBWay and OSH Park. Build your own by ordering boards and following the build post. This is an easy build with all pots and the LED mounted on the board.

22/7 by RunoffGroove

The 22/7 is a Big Muff Pi variant. It replaces the transistors with the inverters in a single 4049UBE. It’s got a great BMP sound and some special sauce all it’s own. The controls are the same as a standard Big Muff with the addition of a tone range switch. This switch provides Classic, Flat, and Scoop modes that adjust its range.

The 22/7 was developed for the DiystompBoxes.com forum monthly effects contest back in 2008. It’s a DIY classic! Read more about it here.

You can build this for yourself by ordering boards at OSHPark and following the build guide below, or buy one on my Reverb Shop!