Pedal Building Workshop

This page is dedicated to the pedal building workshop at Noisebridge.

Noisebridge, if you haven’t heard of it, is an amazing hacker space in San Francisco. It’s a place where anyone can come in and build things explore ideas and share with like minded individuals! If you’re in the are you should check it out.

Who is this for?

The pedal building workshop is for anyone interested in building, using and understanding guitar pedals.

If you have taken the learn to solder classes at Noisebridge this would be a great next step to put those skills into something practical!

What is Noisebridge?

Noisebridge is a free hacking and creative space in San Francisco. Noisebridge is a fun space for sharing, creation, collaboration, research, development, mentoring, and of course, learning. Come visit, work, and use our equipment free (but please donate when you can!)

Join the Noisebridge Discord channel! Check out #pedal-building

Past and Future Sessions

Pedal Building at Noisebridge #1 – Introduction to building your own guitar pedal. This post covers what can you build, resources, and getting started topics.

Pedal Building at Noisebridge #2 – Parts and PCBs. This session covers where to find parts, how to identify the parts you need and understanding how parts labeled and the values are read.

Pedal Building at Noisebridge #3 – This session covers putting it all in the box and wiring up the box.

Pedal Building at Noisebridge #4 – This session will be a co-working session. Come and solder parts or drill your enclosure, ask questions and make progress on your project.


We got people started on a range of projects, here I’ll list the projects that people are working on for easy reference.

Info by topic

  • What can you build?
  • Finding Parts
  • Wiring the box
  • Drilling the Box