The Sultan v1.1

Heres an update to the Sultan. Read about my error in the first version of the pcb here. I made a mistake and the jacks grounds were not grounded on the first version. I ordered an updated board from to move this project out of the prototype phase.

This was my entry in the End of Days Fuzz Challenge. You should enter your own design! There are a few months left!


The Sultan Schematic

Parts List

Part NumberValue
R11M (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R247k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R3100k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R42k2 (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R520k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R6100k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R7180k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R810k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R91M (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R104k7 (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R111k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R12470k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R13 11k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R14100k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
D11N5817 (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
D2LED (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
C1220n (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
C3100µ (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
C4100µ (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
C5100n (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
C6220n (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
C71n (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
C81n (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
C9500p (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
C105n (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
C11220n (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
C12220n (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
C13470p (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
C1450p (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
Q1 22N3904 (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
Q2 22N3904 (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
Q3 22N3904 (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
BASSA1M (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
GAINB2k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
SQUINCHB500k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
TREBA500k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
VOLUMEA100k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
Enclosure 31590B (Tayda, Stompboxparts, LoveMySwitches)
Sultan Bill of Materials
  • [1] Current limiting resistor for the LED. You can use any value 1k to 10k. Smaller values make a brighter LED.
  • [2] Any NPN transistors will work here. You can even use sockets and experiment!
  • [3] The PCB I designed fits a 1590B but you can fit this in a wide range of enclosures.

I milled a new design for the box. I tried a design with more detail. This was sort of a test to see how fine the detail the mill with the engraving bit would allow. It was partially successful.

A lot of the detail comes out but the finer details are lost. Also, any small islands left over might chip off with rough handling.

Adds some knobs and sign the back.

How does it sound? Like a Fuzz Face with a wide range tone control. You can dial in sub bass all the way to tinny mobile phone speaker sounds. The Width control, was swiped from the Zvex Woolly Mammoth, it gets some good zipper fuzz sounds.

I feel like the Fuzz Face tones are a little over saturated with this design. I think this could be improved by adjusting the gain of Q1 and Q2 by playing with R2, R4, and R5.

One nice feature of this design is that it doesn’t require any hard to get parts and doesn’t need a positive ground power supply. You could build this with any NPN transistors.

Would I build this? I made it so I’m biased. It’s got some good classic fuzz tones and the James Tone Control adds some versatility. The Fuzz tones seem a little over saturated. I think adjusting R2, R4, and R5. See my original post for the schematic. If you like Fuzz Face’s build this. If you like bass fuzz, it might be good.





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