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  • Flat Line by John Hollis

    Flat Line by John Hollis

    The Flatline is a compressor with a simple effective design. It works surprisingly well for its simplicity. I’ve built a few of these over the years on strip board. This time I decided to make my own printed circuit boards. Who is John Hollis? John Hollis was an early contributor to the DIY Pedal scene. […]

  • Tremolo-Matic XVIII Build

    Tremolo-Matic XVIII Build

    This is a tremolo built around a couple inductors, its from the Stompboxology newsletter: Going Discreet issue. If you’re not familiar, Stompboxology was a newsletter produced by Nicholas Boscorelli around 2002. It had many stompbox ideas, including circuits, layouts, and analysis. The Going Discreet issue is about building circuits with transistors. This issue has the best description […]

  • Experimenting with the mill

    Experimenting with the mill

    These are some experiments to render some patterns on the mill. I did a wave pattern on a powder-coated green box and two bare-metal boxes. I also did a pattern similar to the cover of Joy Division’s UnknownPleasures. The green boxes came out good but the lack of contrast makes the effect rather mild. The […]

  • New tremolo design

    New tremolo design

    I’m working on layout for a new tremolo. Before making the PCB I’m laying out the box. This way I can design the PCB to work with this layout. This is a tremolo based on the tremolo used in some older Fender amps. The circuit divides the signal into low pass and high pass and […]

  • PCBs with pots and LED

    PCBs with pots and LED

    I just built a PCB project without the LED taken care of on the board, what a headache! In the old days everything was like that but we have evolved since then! in my most recent projects I have been following the layout used by PedalPCB. I feel like they have hit on an arrangement […]

  • Making mistakes…

    Just milled these enclosures and it looks like the holes are all off by about an 1/8″ except the toggle switch which seems to be in the right place. What do they say about measure twice cut once? I Swear I must measure five times and still missing something. I got the file out and […]

  • UBE Screamer by RunOffGroove

    UBE Screamer by RunOffGroove

    This UBE Screamer by RunOffGroove.com is a unique twist on the venerable Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808. It replaces the op-amps and transistor stages with a single hex inverter using an inverter in place of each op-amp and transistor. This has a great sound that stands up to all of the other overdrives. Read more about […]

  • Ugly Face on OSH Park

    Ugly Face on OSH Park

    Just published the Ugly Face v 1.1 to OSH Park. Built and tested, it works well! This is classic DIY project, it’s almost a rite of passage for new DIY stomp box enthusiasts. The Ugly Face is more of a synthesizer than fuzz pedal. It produces square output from the input guitar signal. You can […]

  • Vulcan V1.2

    Vulcan V1.2

    Here’s a Vulcan V1.2 circuit it adds reverse polarity protection, and ground pads for input and output jacks. These are available on OSH Park. Order some boards and follow the build guide to build your own Vulcan. Vulcan On OSH Park Vulcan Build Docs

  • D*A*M Meathead Clone

  • SHO