Zap Frequency #3

I’m experimenting with the Harmonic Energizer. Read more about it in my previous post. I updated the PCB with room for two pairs of clipping diodes. With this update.

Using the prototyping service at is a great way to make high quality PCBs at a very reasonable price. The key is to order several projects at the same and they gangs shipping. Shipping is most expensive part of the order. If order 5 projects I can get 50 boards, 10 each of 5 different designs for about $1 per board.

I made three different designs for this pedal now. With the three different designs I can test them all side by side or loan them out to get opinions from other players.

Here is this build.

Here is all three of the builds. I used a different colored enclosure for each so I can tell them apart.

Read about the previous builds. Build #1, Build #2. Check out a demo.





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