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  • Ugly Face black with dots

    Ugly Face black with dots

    I did another Ugly Face. This time on a black gloss enclosure with milled dot pattern. Milling this design took over an hour. These enclosures are not flat on top! Some of the dots on the upper right did not get milled. I had to pull those out of the original SVG image, make a […]

  • Tremolo XXII v2.1

    Tremolo XXII v2.1

    I updated this design again. It’s almost ready for production. In this revision, I improved the PCB layout by moving the components that make up the LFO to the left side of the board and the audio path to the right side; this meant I had to move the shape switch to the other side […]

  • Wah Shells

    Wah Shells

    I wanted to create a project in a pedal with a treadle. My first thought was to get a couple of used Dunlop Cry Baby’s. It looks like these were going for a low price of $40 on With shipping pushing the price above $60, it was a little too expensive. Wah Pedals on I […]

  • Soldering boards

    Soldering boards

    I have more than a few projects in the works at the moment, thanks PCBWay! To get caught up, I’m going assembly line. I sat down and soldered all the resistors in all of the boards, then diodes, trimmers, sockets, caps, and transistors.  Soldering all of the resistors and diodes in every board, at the same […]

  • Stone Bender #2

    Stone Bender #2

    This pedal sounds so good I had to make another! Check out my first build and the build page. I manufactured these boards at This board is posted at the PCBWay Shared service. You can order and build it for  I milled a gray powder-coated enclosure. It looked better than I was expecting. It’s got a […]

  • Milling some new enclosures

    Milling some new enclosures

    I have a few new projects in the works. I’m doing this batch sort of assembly line style. I soldered all of the boards, now I’m milling and drilling all of the enclosures.

  • New PCB day!

    New PCB day!

    A new patch of boards. Some improvements of previous PCBs and a couple new things. I had these manufactured at When I’m done finalizing the designs and tested everything I’ll post these to the PCBWay Shared service.

  • Distort-o-Matic XI revisited

    Distort-o-Matic XI revisited

    I build this Distort-o-Matic XI a few months ago. It had a few problems. I got it out and tried to solve some of the issues. I’m working on a new PCB. I ordered the original PCBs from They have a special deal for prototyping, you get 5 or 10 boards for $5. Since […]

  • Rock Box

    Rock Box

    The Box of Rock is a great Marshall sound in a pedal. It includes a boost section also. Box of Rock is pretty amazing and sounds great. J. Mascis likes it so much that he had Zvex put two in one enclosure. But what if you wanted something more like an Orange amp? Here’s an […]

  • Univox Super Fuzz

    Univox Super Fuzz

    Super Fuzz is a circuit that has many variations. It’s one of the popular building blocks that has been used for decades. It’s built around a full wave rectifier that produces an octave fuzz sound. similar circuits that use the full wave rectifier: Super Fuzz Kay Fuzztone Univox Super Fuzz Honey Psychedelic Machine Third Man […]

  • The Baron

    The Baron

    This is my second entry in the End of Days Fuzz Challenge! The idea was to build a circuit similar to the Proco Rat replacing the LM308 with the LM386. The LM308 is a single op-amp the LM386 is an audio amplifier. The chips are similar but also very different. LM386 The LM386 is similar […]

  • The Sultan

    The Sultan

    The Sultan is my first entry to the End of Days Fuzz Challenge. Based on the fuzz Face with a Bass and Treble tone control similar to tone controls used on Orange and Matamp amps. The Fuzz Face is a classic circuit. There are many Fuzz Face variants out there that sound great. The classic […]