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  • Peach Fuzz Clone

    Peach Fuzz Clone

    I have wanted to try the Frantone Peach Fuzz for a long time. The circuit uses one of my favorite chips the LM386. Not only does it use the 386 it uses two in series. Frantone is one of the original boutique companies, starting in 1994! They went dormant for a some years but have […]

  • Peach Pit

    Peach Pit

    This is my take on the Frantone Peach Fuzz. Peach Fuzz is an op-amp buffer into a pair of LM386 in series, followed by a tone control similar to the Big Muff. It uses a dual op-amp but only one of the op-amps is used. Frantone was one of the early “boutique” small name builders. […]

  • Debugging your Circuit

    Debugging your Circuit

    No matter how many pedals I build they don’t always work, at least not on the first try! Anything can go wrong. Debugging is a skill and an art, that is not hard to master. It’s impossible to name all of the possible things that can go wrong but, I can give you a list […]

  • New Batch  of PCBs

    New Batch of PCBs

    New batch of PCBs. A couple updates and a couple new things. Here’s this list: I designed the boards in Eagle PCB (I swear I will learn KiCad one day!) and had them manufactured at I love this service, they always do great work and their web site is very easy to use! They […]

  • Causality 6 by Frequency Central

    Causality 6 by Frequency Central

    This is 4/6 stage OTA based phase shifter by Rick Holt of Frequency Central fame. Here is a link to epic thread about this and a 4 stage design over at Here’s my build, which is working but has a couple issues that need to be worked out before it’s ready for prime time. […]

  • Bandcamp Playlists

    Bandcamp Playlists

    Bandcamp added playlists to the app! I love Bandcamp as a service. The one problem is the where and how you can play the music you’ve bought on the service. Playlists expand this in positive ways. Bandcamp has added features to Download an album. Go to the album page and tap Download Album. Queue an […]

  • PedalPCB Terrarium

    PedalPCB Terrarium

    I put together a Terrarium from PedalPCB. Terrarium is a DSP platform that uses the Daisy Seed by Electrosmith. The Daisy Seed is like an Arduino Nano on steroids with audio super powers. You can read the link above for a full run down of its features. Figure it’s a platform where you could build […]

  • Ugly Face Build

    Ugly Face Build

    The Ugly Face is a classic DIY Stompbox build. Almost a rite of passage! The circuit, by Time Escobedo, has been around since late 2002! Here is my schematic. Schematic Parts List Part Number Value R1 1M (Tayda, Stompboxparts) R2 470 (Tayda, Stompboxparts) R3 100K (Tayda, Stompboxparts) R4 22k (Tayda, Stompboxparts) R5 1k (Tayda, Stompboxparts) […]

  • Super Fuzz Build!

    Super Fuzz Build!

    Build your own Super Fuzz! The Super Fuzz is an octave fuzz used by Pete Townsend, Muddy Honey, J. Mascis and others. Read this post to learn more about the Super Fuzz. Build Your Super Fuzz Here is the schematic for the Super Fuzz. Note! There are several versions and schematics vary. This schematic matches […]

  • Flatline v2 Build

    Flatline v2 Build

    The Flatline is a a great simple compressor designed by John Hollis. Check out my original article on Flatline for some background. This is an update to the original board that incorporates some mods by Atomium Amps. Besides me part value changes, this board adds a trim pot to set the release /decay time for […]

  • Ugly Face with Mix

    Ugly Face with Mix

    I’m a big fan of the Tim Escobedo’s Ugly Face. This is a super fun project, sort of a. right of passage for DIY pedal makers. The sound is unique. The best way to describe it is as a square wave oscillator that hard syncs to the guitar signal. Since the output is either on […]

  • Doboz VCO340 Build

    Doboz VCO340 Build

    I built a pair of Doboz VCO340 VCOs. These are based around the CEM3340 chip, which was used in Yamaha DX7, Prophet and other famous synths from the 80s. Here are my notes for the build for anyone interested in building these VCOs for themselves. The project comes as two PCBs and an aluminum front […]