Zap Frequency Build

Zap Frequency is a clone of the Systech Harmonic Energizer. This effect is a parametric EQ with variable band width, frequency, and resonance. The effect is very strong! It would make a good wah if you control the frequency with a foot treadle. It can be for a “cocked wah” and boost. It’s also good for post processing other instruments to add sub bass or create extreme filter effects.

Part NumberValue
C1 2n2
C3 47n
C4 10µ
C5 10µ
C7 47n
C8 10µ
C9 10µ
C10 100µ
C11 100n
C12 10µ
D1 1n5817
D2 LED any
D3 1n914 (or any, or a wire see notes)
D4 1n914 (or any, or a wire see notes)
D5 1n914 (or any, or a wire see notes)
D6 1n914 (or any, or a wire see notes)
GAIN A50k 16MM
IC1 TL074
Q1 J201
R1 4M7
R2 10k/22k
R3 22k
R4 1k
R5 27k
R6 5k1
R7 1k
R9 10k
R10 20k
R11 560r
R12 100k
R13 2k2
R14 10k
R15 10k
R16 1k
R17 1M

D3, D4, D5, and D6 clip the output signal. This can add a nice overdrive. The original didn’t have these and created some harsh op-amp clipping. Without these diodes you will need to adjust gain to avoid harsh op-amp clipping.

You can replace these diodes with wires, use two in series, or one in series with a wire for the other, or use two in series and one in series to emphasize even order harmonics, it’s up to you!

Use any diodes you like! Silicon 1N914, 1N4148, or other types, even LEDs might work well here!

Here is the drilling guide. You’ll need to print this at 100%!





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