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  • Harmonic Energizer Demo

    Harmonic Energizer Demo

    A short demo of the Systech Harmonic Energizer. Read more about the Harmonic Energizer here. This is a demo of version 2 that has been modded with added clipping diodes.

  • Harmonic Energizer #2

    Harmonic Energizer #2

    My second build of the Harmonic Energizer. If you haven’t read my first post read about that build here. This second build tries out a couple more mods.  Discussing this circuit over at DIYStompboxes.com Mark Hammer suggested adding some clipping diodes to this circuit. Since I had some boards I thought I’d try this out. The idea is…

  • Harmonic Energizer

    Harmonic Energizer

    Here is a clone of the Systech Harmonic Energizer. This is a parametric EQ. It’s like a single-band equalizer with a control to set the width of the frequency band that it affects. It also has a control to sweep the frequency similar to a wah pedal. The Harmonic Energizer has been described as the…