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  • Ugly Face black with dots

    Ugly Face black with dots

    I did another Ugly Face. This time on a black gloss enclosure with milled dot pattern. Milling this design took over an hour. These enclosures are not flat on top! Some of the dots on the upper right did not get milled. I had to pull those out of the original SVG image, make a […]

  • Stone Bender #2

    Stone Bender #2

    This pedal sounds so good I had to make another! Check out my first build and the build page. I manufactured these boards at PCBWay.com. This board is posted at the PCBWay Shared service. You can order and build it for  I milled a gray powder-coated enclosure. It looked better than I was expecting. It’s got a […]

  • Univox Super Fuzz

    Univox Super Fuzz

    Super Fuzz is a circuit that has many variations. It’s one of the popular building blocks that has been used for decades. It’s built around a full wave rectifier that produces an octave fuzz sound. similar circuits that use the full wave rectifier: Super Fuzz Kay Fuzztone Univox Super Fuzz Honey Psychedelic Machine Third Man […]

  • The Baron

    The Baron

    This is my second entry in the End of Days Fuzz Challenge! The idea was to build a circuit similar to the Proco Rat replacing the LM308 with the LM386. The LM308 is a single op-amp the LM386 is an audio amplifier. The chips are similar but also very different. LM386 The LM386 is similar […]

  • End of Days Fuzz Challenge

    End of Days Fuzz Challenge

    End of Days Fuzz Challenge is a challenge to make develop new Fuzz circuits. Here’s a description from the web site: It is an open invitation for pedal builders/ companies of all levels. If you – or anyone you know – wants to join in, go for it! All you need to do is read […]

  • Bork Bork

    Bork Bork

    Just built up a Bork Bork from Breakfast Audio. This is a clone of the Ibanez Wau Wau Fuzz. As far as I my “in depth” research can tell the Wau Wau Fuzz was originally a Fuzz and Wah in wah type enclosure. It had both a Fuzz and a Wah effect in the same […]

  • Kay Fuzz Tone

    Kay Fuzz Tone

    Here is a kay Fuzztone clone. This is an octave-type fuzz that uses a full-wave rectifier. It is similar to the Super Fuzz and all its variants. The Kay Fuzz Tone uses fewer transistors than the Super Fuzz so you could think of it as a stripped-down and simpler version. The kay Fuzz Tone came […]

  • Distort-o-Matic XI Stompboxology

    Distort-o-Matic XI Stompboxology

    Here’s another project from Nicholas Boscorelli’s Stomboxology newsletter: Going Discreet. Described by the author as: All-transistor distortion box with aggressive tone controls. Nicholas Boscorelli When I look at this I see a diode clipper similar to the Electra, DOD 250, MXR Distortion+, Proco Rat, and others, combined with a Super Fuzz octave Fuzz type octave […]

  • Bobtavia analysis

    Bobtavia analysis

    This is a quick look at how the Bobtavia works. The Bobtavia is uses the LM386 to amplify the input signal. In the default setup the LM386 has a gain of 20. The output of the LM386 runs through a 220µ C4 cap into a small audio transformer. The input appears at one output of […]

  • Bobtavia by Bob Starr

    Bobtavia by Bob Starr

    Bobtavia is an old-school DIY octave fuzz. It’s a lot like the Roger Meyer Octavia but uses an LM386 instead of transistors. The Bobtavia uses a transformer like the original Octavia and the Maestro Brassmaster. What’s nice about the Bobtavia is its simplicity. The whole circuit is just a handful of parts.  This was one of the first […]

  • Silicon Tone Bender

    Silicon Tone Bender

    Here is a Silicon Tone Bender built around four BC109 transistors. It sounds pretty good! The original circuit was provided by user Mic Tester over at FreeStomboxes.org. I built this some years ago on a piece of strip board. I ended up selling it at the Musicians Electronics Swap meet in Berkeley. Here are some […]

  • 6 new PCBs from PCBWay

    6 new PCBs from PCBWay

    I got 6 new boards made at PCBWay.com. The PCBWay.com service is a great deal the biggest cost is shipping. The best deal is to order multiple boards at once since the shipping is combined. This time I waited til I had 6 boards designed and ready to go before ordering. As long as your […]