Stone Bender #3

This sounds really good. I figured I’d build another and give to a friend, trade it, or try and sell it on Reverb. I made one of these on strip board and sold it at a swap meet. Here’s a post about the original circuit and schematic. I made an updated PCB check out the build page for a schematic and other info.

The boards from are such a great deal at 10 for $5 I always order 10. Which leaves me with spares. Some projects like this deserve to be built again!

This PCB deserves a revisit. There are a couple small improvements that could be made. The notch for the power jack could be adjusted. The off board wiring is not spaced for ribbon cables, see one of previous posts for examples. And, it looks like the two pots are not quite aligned.

I suspect this would work with wide range of NPN transistors. The trimmer would help dial in the bias for different devices. I’ll have to do another with sockets!

I used the same art and milled up a new enclosure in black. I had a few BC109 transistors in my parts bin so those were used.

Put everything in the box and wired the switch.

Knobs and we’re done.

Would I build this? Yeah! and I’d play it too. This is a great fuzz pedal, works well, sounds great!





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