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  • Stone Bender #3

    Stone Bender #3

    This sounds really good. I figured I’d build another and give to a friend, trade it, or try and sell it on Reverb. I made one of these on strip board and sold it at a swap meet. Here’s a post about the original circuit and schematic. I made an updated PCB check out the […]

  • Stone Bender #2

    Stone Bender #2

    This pedal sounds so good I had to make another! Check out my first build and the build page. I manufactured these boards at PCBWay.com. This board is posted at the PCBWay Shared service. You can order and build it for  I milled a gray powder-coated enclosure. It looked better than I was expecting. It’s got a […]

  • Silicon Tone Bender

    Silicon Tone Bender

    Here is a Silicon Tone Bender built around four BC109 transistors. It sounds pretty good! The original circuit was provided by user Mic Tester over at FreeStomboxes.org. I built this some years ago on a piece of strip board. I ended up selling it at the Musicians Electronics Swap meet in Berkeley. Here are some […]

  • Silicon Tone Bender take 2

    Whenever I build something I usually build two. The parts are cheap. If I make a mistake or the PCB doesn’t etch correctly I have a spare. If you build the first and it doesn’t work you can build the second and compare the two. In the case of the Silicon Tone Bender I used […]

  • Silicon Tonebender

    I built this Silicon Tonebender posted by mictester over on Freestompboxes. I used this layout. Everything worked the first try and it sounds good. I used BC109CN for transistors. These sounded good and have that metal can with a little tab mojo. I used a ceramic .1µf cap for the input cap and skipped the […]