Ugly Face Build

The Ugly Face is a classic DIY Stompbox build. Almost a rite of passage! The circuit, by Time Escobedo, has been around since late 2002!

Here is my schematic.


Ugly Face Schematic

Parts List

Part NumberValue
R1 1M (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R2 470 (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R3 100K (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R4 22k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R5 1k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
R6 1k (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
D11N5817 (Tayda, StompboxParts)
D2LED (Tayda, StompboxParts)
555 [2]7555 (Tayda, StomboxParts)
LM386 [3]LM386 (Tayda, StompboxParts)
Socket x2DIP 8 (Tayda, StompboxParts)
C122µ (Tayda, Stompboxparts, any value 22µ to 100µ)
C2 1n (Tayda, StompboxParts)
C3 100n (Tayda, Stomboxparts)
C4 2µ2 (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
C5 100µ (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
C6 100n (Tayda, Stomboxparts)
C7100n (Tayda, Stomboxparts)
VACT_1 [1]LED/LDR (Tayda, Stompboxparts)
ENVELOPEB1K 16mm (Tayda, StompboxParts)
FREQUENCY C100K 16mm (Tayda, StompboxParts, B or C works here)
THRESHOLD B10K 16mm (Tayda, StompboxParts)
VOLUMEA100K 16mm (Tayda, StompboxParts)
Ugly Face Parts List
  • [1] You can use any LED and LDR here. The packaged types are more expensive but convenient. You can use a discreet LED and LDR pair. You might experiment with a few of these. This part is creates for the envelope sweep you will hear the effect of these parts when you turn the Envelope up.
  • [2] You should be able to use almost any 555 chip. Preferable is the NE555 or 7555.
  • [3] There are several versions of this chip: JRC386D, LM386N-3, LM386N-4 any version should work.

I made a couple versions of this board. I had these manufactured at Their prototyping service is very reasonably priced and makes it easy to prototype a project on a professional quality PCB.

Here are some pictures of Ugly Face builds that I made.





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  1. Fabian Avatar

    Hi mate , i have a question what is vact?

    1. admin Avatar

      VACT is short for Vactrol it’s an LED and LDR combo. If you’re building one of these you can use an LED and LDR in place of the combo unit. This is often cheaper and easier!

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