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  • Ugly Face Build

    Ugly Face Build

    The Ugly Face is a classic DIY Stompbox build. Almost a rite of passage! The circuit, by Time Escobedo, has been around since late 2002! Here is my schematic. Schematic Parts List Part Number Value R1 1M (Tayda, Stompboxparts) R2 470 (Tayda, Stompboxparts) R3 100K (Tayda, Stompboxparts) R4 22k (Tayda, Stompboxparts) R5 1k (Tayda, Stompboxparts) […]

  • Super Fuzz Build!

    Super Fuzz Build!

    Build your own Super Fuzz! The Super Fuzz is an octave fuzz used by Pete Townsend, Muddy Honey, J. Mascis and others. Read this post to learn more about the Super Fuzz. Build Your Super Fuzz Here is the schematic for the Super Fuzz. Note! There are several versions and schematics vary. This schematic matches […]

  • Pedal workshop Noisebridge #3

    Pedal workshop Noisebridge #3

    Thanks to everyone who came to the last pedal building workshop at Noisebridge. I was impressed with the enthusiasm! We demoed some pedals talked about populating the PCB and identifying the correct parts and placing them in the correct locations on the PCB and soldering. The next workshop is scheduled for Saturday, March 4th, 1 […]

  • Pedal workshop at Noisebridge #2

    Pedal workshop at Noisebridge #2

    Thanks to everyone that came to the pedal building workshop at Noisebridge. I’m writing this post as a follow up to help you all get your projects off to a good start. Get started Everyone should have left with a project to work on. If you don’t and need help finding an appropriate project contact […]

  • Pedal Workshop at Noisebridge

    Pedal Workshop at Noisebridge

    I’m planning to host a pedal building workshop at Noisebridge. Noisebridge is a community hacker space in San Francisco. Below are my notes for this session. Welcome Why are you here? What can you build? What is a guitar pedal? Show some sample pedals Here are some poplar DIY projects with lots of resources available […]