Building some ugly faces

Ugly Face – old build

I lost a lot of these pictures from my blog. So i thought I would repost them again for fun.

IMG_3449 IMG_3488 IMG_3490 IMG_3501

Ugly face with tone control

The Ugly Face has an interesting set of options. The Threshold knob has to be the most interesting though least useful. Last year I thought I’d add a tone control in it’s place. I wanted to build an Ugly Face and keep it in 1590B sized box. This format makes it hard to fit more than 4 Knobs. I decided to drop the Threshold and replace it with a Big Muff style tone control.

This was a pretty easy project, I already had a PCB and all of the parts on hand. The PCB I had did not have any space for the tone control. The Big Muff tone control requires, besides the pot, fours parts, two resistors and two capacitors. I remembered seeing an article on the Big Muff tone control over at Beavis Audio research where they mentioned soldering all of the parts on to the pot. I thought about this but decided against it. I have been using and planned to use these 12MM pots. Which seemed too small. Plus the box was going to be a little crowded and didn’t want to risk the parts shorting against something.

[picture of 12mm pot]

I decided to mount the tone control on a tiny piece of perfboard.Using small multilayer ceramic caps would make the whole thing fit easily.

[image of perf layout.]

Last was to run the output of the Ugly Face into the tone control before going to the volume.

[Picture the interior of the box]

I decided to do this box in a plush purple fur.

Building an Ugly Face

I built an Ugly Face last week and took some pictures. This uses the Ugly face PCB I made and the typical DIY stompbox parts. I used the alpha 12mm pots in a B sized box. The more common 16mm pots would also work.


Fretboard Journal

One of the Ugly Face’s that I built got a mention in the Fretboard Journal. No picture though. Which is too bad. They took a picture of a bunch of other more common name brand things. Really Tim Escobedo should have gotten a mention. The people writing these articles need to educate themselves on the history and lineage of the current era of Stompboxes.

Ugly Face Volume Mod

I like the Tim Escobedo’s Ugly Face I’ve built about 7 now. This is a really fun pedal. Total Sonic Mayhem. Not for Jazz, though I’m hoping someone will take that as a challenge…

Something that is not really a problem, but has always bothered me is the volume. The Ugly Face is extremely loud. The output swings about 0 to 9V. Which leaves a small usable range on the volume knob.

Lately I have been adding a 68K resistor in series between the volume pot and the output from the circuit. My measurements seemed to suggest an 80K would be better but I had 68K on hand. The the thing is still way loud. But now at least volume pot seems to have a more usable range.

Ugly Face simple blend mod

Here’s a simple mod that adds a blend pot to the Ugly Face.

Ugly Face blend mod

Punch In the Face

Here’s another unique design by Tim Escobedo.

Punch In the Face

Punch In the Face 2

FET Driver

This is Tim Escobedo‘s FET Driver.

FET Driver

FET Driver 2


This is another fine little Distortion by Tim Escobedo. I think this sounds pretty good. The sound can go from mildly distortion/overdrive to over the top almost metal. It can also get some splatty fuzz tones and a soft attack.


Jinx 2


Another very original design by Tim Escobedo. This an octave up with a sitar like sound.


Psychtar 2