Ugly Face black with dots

I did another Ugly Face. This time on a black gloss enclosure with milled dot pattern. Milling this design took over an hour.

These enclosures are not flat on top! Some of the dots on the upper right did not get milled. I had to pull those out of the original SVG image, make a new file and mill that again. The mill is fun and handy but it’s not fast and easy.

I posted this PCB to the shared service at You can order your own boards and follow the guide on my build page.

The PCB is design with the pots and LED mounted to the board. The off board connections are arranged to make wiring quick and easy.

The finished product came looking pretty good.

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2 responses to “Ugly Face black with dots”

  1. Jimmy Avatar

    That looks super-cool! Good work.

  2. admin Avatar

    Hey thanks!

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