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  • Ugly Face black with dots

    Ugly Face black with dots

    I did another Ugly Face. This time on a black gloss enclosure with milled dot pattern. Milling this design took over an hour. These enclosures are not flat on top! Some of the dots on the upper right did not get milled. I had to pull those out of the original SVG image, make a […]

  • The worlds largest analog synth

    The worlds largest analog synth

    Anyone who has watched my podcast knows I’m a big fan of bandcamp.com. Haven’t watched my podcast? Don’t worry it’s really only watched by a select few. Check out this link on Bandcamp: https://daily.bandcamp.com/features/robin-hatch-tonto-interview That said, I ran into this on the Bandcamp home page the other day. I’m a big fan of Tonto. These […]

  • DIY LFO, Sampls & Hold, Stepped voltage generator, and Noise

    Some old fracrack synth modules. The last is a Blacet Mixer Processor. The others are DIY. These DIY modules are 2 x 8 step sequencers. These are barebones they don’t have any quantization or even LEDs for the steps. These have a clock trigger out, forward backward switch, reset, and a carry out which can […]