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  • Doboz VCO340 Build

    Doboz VCO340 Build

    I built a pair of Doboz VCO340 VCOs. These are based around the CEM3340 chip, which was used in Yamaha DX7, Prophet and other famous synths from the 80s. Here are my notes for the build for anyone interested in building these VCOs for themselves. The project comes as two PCBs and an aluminum front…

  • Doboz TSNM MK II

    Doboz TSNM MK II

    I decided to build the new version of the Doboz TSNM, the MK II. Just received it in the mail the other day. There are two versions of this. One is surface mount and the other is through hole. Touch Sensing Not Memory (TSNM) is a touch controller for modular synths. It has many modes…

  • Doboz TSNM MK I

    Doboz TSNM MK I

    The Doboz TSNM MK I is great touch controller you can build DIY. Touch Sensing Note Memory (TSNM) has 12 capacitive touch plates. TSNM can act as a keyboard, arpeggiator, and sequencer. It has a built in quantizer with a 5 octave range, pressure sensitive touch plates, and CV recorder. TSNM is a great module…

  • Befaco A*B+C

    Befaco A*B+C

    Befaco A*B+C is a voltage multiplier and offset, every system should have one of these! This is a great little utility. I put it up there with Maths. It’s a strong recommendation I know. I really feel this module deserves a place in any rack because it could find a place in any patch! What…

  • Node 2 on Bandcamp

    Node 2 on Bandcamp

    Spiritual Successros to Tangerine Dream Node goes far into the ambient electronic universe. If you like the sounds of vintage electronic gear Node has you covered. Patch and Tweak has an interview with Node and talks about patching techniques.

  • My battery powered Eurorack

    My battery powered Eurorack

    I wrote previously about being inspired by people using battery powered erorack systems to make electronic music in nature. I tested it out at the Eurorack SF cafe jam meetup. It worked great! If you’re in the bay area join this Meetup! Power supply Most Eurorack modules run on +12 volts, -12 volts, and +5…

  • Arduino FM Synth

    Arduino FM Synth

    I have wanted to get into building things with Arduino for a while. I ran into a project on Instructables.com that looked easy, I thought I’d jump in and give it a try! The project creates a simple synth/sound generator with two oscillators. The oscillators are ring modulated with a frequency control for each. There…

  • Doboz VCO340 progress

    Doboz VCO340 progress

    Made a little progress on the Doboz VCO340 today. Check out my previous post for more info about the VCO340. Tl;dr it’s an 8hp VCO based on the CEM 3340. i’m working on two at the moment.

  • Doboz VCO340 knobs

    Doboz VCO340 knobs

    While I wait on parts to build this I experimented with some knobs to get an idea of what the finished device will look like. My parts are back ordered until November. The Doboz VCO340 is a an 8hp VCO built around the CEM3340 chip. My plan is to build a pair of these for…

  • Battery powered eurorack

    Battery powered eurorack

    I had seen a lot of really cool eurorack in nature posts. Not sure if these were done live in the moment or put together in post production. The idea of twiddling knobs and making music at the beach or in the park was enticing. Let try and get you in the mood with some…

  • Ugly Face black with dots

    Ugly Face black with dots

    I did another Ugly Face. This time on a black gloss enclosure with milled dot pattern. Milling this design took over an hour. These enclosures are not flat on top! Some of the dots on the upper right did not get milled. I had to pull those out of the original SVG image, make a…

  • The worlds largest analog synth

    The worlds largest analog synth

    Anyone who has watched my podcast knows I’m a big fan of bandcamp.com. Haven’t watched my podcast? Don’t worry it’s really only watched by a select few. Check out this link on Bandcamp: https://daily.bandcamp.com/features/robin-hatch-tonto-interview That said, I ran into this on the Bandcamp home page the other day. I’m a big fan of Tonto. These…