Battery powered eurorack

I had seen a lot of really cool eurorack in nature posts. Not sure if these were done live in the moment or put together in post production. The idea of twiddling knobs and making music at the beach or in the park was enticing.

Let try and get you in the mood with some synth landscapes.



Be sure the annannie’s travel series.




Hélène Vogelsinger

Hélène makes art form out of playing in in outdoor spaces.

Looking closer I could tell some were recorded live while others I suspect could have been recorded anywhere and overdubbed. The goal of this article is to explore how you might take your eurorack into nature.

Bathe big question is how to power your eurorack system.

I decided I needed to try and solve this. Turns out it was way easier than you might think at first!

check out these threads

What about portability? Most eurorack systems are the size of a small suitcase while many take up an entire table or wall, your attic, your living room. Besides bringing the system with you the more modules there are the more power will be required. Finding a balance will be important.

The amount of equipment you’re willing to carry is up to you. I went with an Intellijel 62 hp palette. It’s got a useful 1u row. It also runs off a single ended +15v power input. So internally it converts the 15v input to +12v/-12v/+5v. The pulp logic cases do this also. I tried an older pulp logic case but upgraded to the intellijel case latter.

What goes in the box?

Once you have a case and power supply worked out the question becomes: what goes in the box?

I found these 5h

The absence of limitations is the enemy of art.

Orson Welles

A smaller system requires thought but also answers questions and offers opportunities. It forces you to get more out of modules and focus on modules.

I found these 54 hp series of videos very inspiring.






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