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  • Weston Audio AD110

    Weston Audio AD110

    I built this as a DIY project. They offer it assembled also. It’s a Eurorack adaptation of the drum sounds from the Boss DR-110. All the sounds are analog, not samples. The project comes as three PCBs and a front panel. It’s all through hole parts. The parts are fairly easy to get. I few […]

  • Serge Resonant EQ

    Serge Resonant EQ

    This is the last piece of musical gear for the year. It’s a fixed filter bank with 10 filters. 8 of the filters are bandpass filters. The highest and lowest bands are high pass and low pass filters. It’s like a 10 band equalizer with synth filters. The filters are tuned to major sevenths and […]

  • Thonk

    I have been planning to work on some Eurorack projects. Turns out it’s hard to find the correct jacks, or at least the PCB mount variety. I got a few on Aliexpress to experiment with I’ll talk about these in a future post. Turns out Thonk has the jacks I’m looking for. I had to […]