Serge Resonant EQ

Serge Resonant EQ

This is the last piece of musical gear for the year. It’s a fixed filter bank with 10 filters. 8 of the filters are bandpass filters. The highest and lowest bands are high pass and low pass filters. It’s like a 10 band equalizer with synth filters. The filters are tuned to major sevenths and have some overlap. The filters also resonate as you turn them up. An interesting module with a lot of utility.

I got this as a kit from Thonk. The kit was pretty solid all of the parts were there and all clearly labeled. It would be hard to fail with this kit, I could have but didn’t!

The build process was very paint by the numbers. Nothing special, no tricky situations, or small parts. Just op-amps, and they are all the same type, caps, and resistors. The instructions are clear. The only place that might make you question is where a few parts are not used. There are a few resistors and caps marked on the PCB that are not used in the build. This is clearly noted by the instructions.

Overall this is a good module. It fills a useful niche as 10 band EQ. This is really great for adjusting and focusing a sound. With the two inputs you can use it to mix and “master” before the final output, or just use it to mix and tailor a sound to fit a sonic “space”.

The design and layout of the module is nice. Makes me want to have a whole panel of Serge. The spacing is nice the layout is evenly spaced and logical. It’s not trying to pack too much into the smallest space available. The panel is clearly labeled and easy to read.





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