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  • Weston Audio AD110

    Weston Audio AD110

    I built this as a DIY project. They offer it assembled also. It’s a Eurorack adaptation of the drum sounds from the Boss DR-110. All the sounds are analog, not samples. The project comes as three PCBs and a front panel. It’s all through hole parts. The parts are fairly easy to get. I few […]

  • Serge Resonant EQ

    Serge Resonant EQ

    This is the last piece of musical gear for the year. It’s a fixed filter bank with 10 filters. 8 of the filters are bandpass filters. The highest and lowest bands are high pass and low pass filters. It’s like a 10 band equalizer with synth filters. The filters are tuned to major sevenths and […]

  • The worlds largest analog synth

    The worlds largest analog synth

    Anyone who has watched my podcast knows I’m a big fan of Haven’t watched my podcast? Don’t worry it’s really only watched by a select few. Check out this link on Bandcamp: That said, I ran into this on the Bandcamp home page the other day. I’m a big fan of Tonto. These […]

  • Glitchstorm & Bytebeats

    Glitchstorm is a Arduino powered byte beat generator. Arduino if you are not familiar is an open source hardware programming platform. Rather than surf the web and send email you can use Arduino to open your garage door and flash your favorite color of LEDs. Or, in the case of Glitchstorm output quasi musical audio. […]

  • Thonk

    I have been planning to work on some Eurorack projects. Turns out it’s hard to find the correct jacks, or at least the PCB mount variety. I got a few on Aliexpress to experiment with I’ll talk about these in a future post. Turns out Thonk has the jacks I’m looking for. I had to […]

  • DIY LFO, Sampls & Hold, Stepped voltage generator, and Noise

    Some old fracrack synth modules. The last is a Blacet Mixer Processor. The others are DIY. These DIY modules are 2 x 8 step sequencers. These are barebones they don’t have any quantization or even LEDs for the steps. These have a clock trigger out, forward backward switch, reset, and a carry out which can […]

  • Dusting off the modular synth

    Dusting off the modular synth

    Started thinking about synthesizers the other day this prompted me to dust off the old modular synth and get it working again. I was expecting more trouble but in the most if not everything seems to be working. To get things working I needed to untangle and sort the massive amount of power cables and […]

  • CGS 29 Wave Multiplier Panel

    Some years ago I bought some PCB for various synthesizer modules. I thought I would design some panels and build a few new modules. This is a first draft of a panel for Ken Stone’s Wave Multiplier CGS29. I have the first version.