Dusting off the modular synth

Started thinking about synthesizers the other day this prompted me to dust off the old modular synth and get it working again. I was expecting more trouble but in the most if not everything seems to be working.

To get things working I needed to untangle and sort the massive amount of power cables and other wiring. In reality I disconnected almost everything and reconnected it all again. At this point I had the mixer setup and powered. From there I could run a test on each module. Lo and behold thing were functioning.

Here are a few images. Most of this would fit in the palm of your hand and run from your mobile phone these days.  That said in this case I can see the entire interface and there is a very real tactile experience.  Of course I’m not taking this with me.

CGS 29 Wave Multiplier Panel

Some years ago I bought some PCB for various synthesizer modules. I thought I would design some panels and build a few new modules. This is a first draft of a panel for Ken Stone’s Wave Multiplier CGS29. I have the first version. http://www.cgs.synth.net/modules/cgs29_wave_multiplier_v1.html