Glitchstorm & Bytebeats

Glitchstorm is a Arduino powered byte beat generator. Arduino if you are not familiar is an open source hardware programming platform. Rather than surf the web and send email you can use Arduino to open your garage door and flash your favorite color of LEDs. Or, in the case of Glitchstorm output quasi musical audio.

Bytebeats are generated by a software expression that runs in an infinite loop. Unlike random patterns byte beats tend to have repeating patterns that evolve and change over time eventually repeating. Usually they repeat a pattern for a while before evolving or changing abruptly. They are far more musical than typical random patterns or fixed pseudo random patterns. Bytebeats often evoke the sounds of early 8 bit video games, what’s not to like?

Read the post here former information and background on bytebeats:

There are many different software expressions that generate byte beat patterns. Google and you’ll find plenty. There are a few guides to writing your own!

The Glitchstorm is a project by Spherical Sound Society. It runs on the Arduino it contains a few byte beat expressions and can switch between them with two buttons. It also has a couple pots that adjust the variables used in the expression to vary the patterns and sounds. It has an audio out and clock out.

Check out this thread over at

I put the whole thing together on the breadboard in 15 mins. Time well spent! The results were amazing! This is a short 3 mins of noodling. I played with the for an hour!





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