AD110 Front

Weston Audio AD110

I built this as a DIY project. They offer it assembled also. It’s a Eurorack adaptation of the drum sounds from the Boss DR-110. All the sounds are analog, not samples.

The project comes as three PCBs and a front panel. It’s all through hole parts. The parts are fairly easy to get. I few of the parts are harder to get. For example the project asks for some very specific resistor values like:

  • Many resistors are listed as 0.1% tolerance. These are not hard to get but also not common. You can order these at for most. But some of the values were not available. I rolled my own with series and parallel resistors. I couldn’t get within the 0.1% tolerance but got reasonable close and things still seemed to work.
  • Uncommon resistor values like: 442K, 86.6K 0.1%, 127L 0.1%, 107K 0.1%., 374r and more. As I said above you can get most of these at but some were out of stock or otherwise unavailable.

Other parts list obscure part numbers but mundane substitutes can be used instead for example:

  • 1SS133M – General purpose diode. I used 1N914/1N4148
  • TZX9V1D – Zener diode. I used a random 9 volt zener here
  • KSC945 – Seems to be a general purpose NPN BJT. I used 3N3904

I had a problem with my build where the electrolytic capacitors were shorting out on the solder traces in the board above. Most common sizes for these is 10mm which is the space between the boards. Either get shorter 7mm caps or bend the caps over 90 degrees. The bill of materials lists 7mm caps but I had plenty of caps on hand I wanted to use.

The build process is pretty straightforward and the documentation is very good. The board is all through hold part with fairly generous spacing.

Here is a short sound clip. I used Temps Utile to trigger the AD110. Im using the Bass, Snare, open and closed hats along with cymbal. The only sound not used here is the hand clap. I used the mix out and sent a periodic trigger to the accent input.





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