The worlds largest analog synth

Anyone who has watched my podcast knows I’m a big fan of Haven’t watched my podcast? Don’t worry it’s really only watched by a select few.

Check out this link on Bandcamp:

That said, I ran into this on the Bandcamp home page the other day. I’m a big fan of Tonto. These guys made something amamzing back in the 70s. They were the unsung/uncredited heroes behind Stevie Wonder. Tonto was almost co-starred in Phantom of the Paradise. But here’s where it gets controversial.

That’s pretty a pretty big synth!

I’m doubting this is largest analog synth. I have serious doubts. I’ve seen some synths in strangers spare rooms over on What about the systems they aren’t showing? Seriously Colin Benders has a rack that’s close to this size.

Wow! Look at all of those knobs.

And! Back in the 70s everything was bigger. It all just took up more space. I mean when we say “largest” are we talking physical dimensions or weight and volume? Or are we talking number of VCAs? Because that’s really what’s important, am I right? If this is the measure Colin Benders systems dwarfing Tonto. There’s plenty of people on modwiggler who are rivaling.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not dismissing Tonto. I’m just saying that times change, technology marches on, things get cheaper and more available, and these days we can smash more VCAs in less space than was needed in Tonto’s day.





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