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  • It’s Bandcamp friday!

    It’s Bandcamp friday!

    I’m a big fan of Bandcamp, it has everything I want in a music service, it supports consuming music by the album, and has great support for music creators. The first Friday of every month they give 100% of proceeds to the band! So today is a great day to buy some music! Here are…

  • Bandcamp Playlists

    Bandcamp Playlists

    Bandcamp added playlists to the app! I love Bandcamp as a service. The one problem is the where and how you can play the music you’ve bought on the service. Playlists expand this in positive ways. Bandcamp has added features to Download an album. Go to the album page and tap Download Album. Queue an…

  • Node 2 on Bandcamp

    Node 2 on Bandcamp

    Spiritual Successros to Tangerine Dream Node goes far into the ambient electronic universe. If you like the sounds of vintage electronic gear Node has you covered. Patch and Tweak has an interview with Node and talks about patching techniques.

  • CB3 on Bandcamp

    CB3 on Bandcamp

    Charlottas Burning Trio CB3 are were a Swedish jazz trio, now they putting out psychedelic space rock. Here’s how they describe themselves: Descending from a cosmic universe, experimental psych-rockers CB3 – Charlottas Burning Trio are back with a new space adventure. In “Exploration” new dimensions are discovered with their unique sound of heavy rock, cosmic…

  • Eternal Elysium on Bandcamp

    Eternal Elysium on Bandcamp

    I like good riff rock. Eternal Elysium are great riff rockers from Japan. I have this album on iTunes but I bought it also on Bandcamp.com because I prefer to listen to music on Bandcamp and don’t like switching between apps. Hopefully Bandcamp will improve their playlist/queue feature. This album has a great heavy psychedelic…

  • Bandcamp is awesome!

    Bandcamp is awesome!

    Can you tell? I really like Bandcamp.com. It has to be my favorite place to get music and stream music. The selection of music is pretty good and most of it is new music. You can’t get your classic rock on Bandcamp.com but, I think this is a feature not a bug! It forces you…

  • The worlds largest analog synth

    The worlds largest analog synth

    Anyone who has watched my podcast knows I’m a big fan of bandcamp.com. Haven’t watched my podcast? Don’t worry it’s really only watched by a select few. Check out this link on Bandcamp: https://daily.bandcamp.com/features/robin-hatch-tonto-interview That said, I ran into this on the Bandcamp home page the other day. I’m a big fan of Tonto. These…