Eternal Elysium on Bandcamp

I like good riff rock. Eternal Elysium are great riff rockers from Japan. I have this album on iTunes but I bought it also on because I prefer to listen to music on Bandcamp and don’t like switching between apps. Hopefully Bandcamp will improve their playlist/queue feature.

This album has a great heavy psychedelic rock vibe. These guys follow the path of of Black Sabbath but strike their own trail like Kyuss and Sleep.

Reefer Happiness – great guitar playing. Vocals are good, they are singing, not just yelling. Cookie monster vocals are a pet peeve of mine.

Not So Far – main theme has a good Sabbath vibe.

Hazy Sublime – an accoustic track with ethereal vocals and psychedelic vibe.

Twilight High – another song about getting high. These guys like to rock a theme!

Approaching Strangers On The Electric Trail Of Dreams – nice psychedelic reverse guitar. A good soundtrack for that Lovecraft film you were working on.

No Isolation – good driving mid tempo metal track. One of my favorite tracks on this album!

Before The Morning Comes – a major key up beat rocker to break up the minor pentatonic atmpspehere. This shifts into a minor blues jam with rock organ riffage and some wah pedal pentatonic rocking at the end.

Green Song – back to a favorite topic with a 16 minute closer!

The album on Bandcamp.commcomes with two bonus tracks.

Eternal Elysium (bonus track) – heavy, doomy instrumental, might be my second favorite track on this album!

The Spiral Conclusion (bonus track) – a trippy riff montage that builds in intensity. It takes a dark tune at the 6 minute mark like a dark god tearing through the cosmic aether.





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