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Charlottas Burning Trio CB3 are were a Swedish jazz trio, now they putting out psychedelic space rock. Here’s how they describe themselves:

Descending from a cosmic universe, experimental psych-rockers CB3 – Charlottas Burning Trio are back with a new space adventure. In “Exploration” new dimensions are discovered with their unique sound of heavy rock, cosmic jams and dreamy vocals.

CB3 gets a great mix of stoner, psych, and progressive rock all in one package.


Zodiac – great instrumental opener. The trippy off kilter timing on the opening riff is delivered with fat fuzz tone.

Sonic Blaze – bass and guitar lay down some heavy grooves. Into a free jazz break down that opens on a plane of sonic wind blasted by cosmic waves.

Acid Haze – a heavy curtain of fuzz reveals the coming of the bass guitar in the shadow of the sun casting guitar riffs into the galactic core. While the inscrutable universe answers with million year old reverberations man will never be able to fathom.

Warrior Queen – hopes the world can see the truth of this fuzz tone. An army of amazonian riffs to conquer your world.

Apocalypse – begins with acoustic guitar bringing the sun over the horizon as the spirits of previous civilizations dance in the light.






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