Bandcamp is awesome!

Can you tell? I really like It has to be my favorite place to get music and stream music. The selection of music is pretty good and most of it is new music.

You can’t get your classic rock on but, I think this is a feature not a bug! It forces you to seek out and discover new things.

Bandcamp is organized around the album. I think this is better. Listening to a body of music that an artist has put together is better than just listening to that hit song. It opens you up to new things. There are so many songs that I like that aren’t hits. You don’t get those “deep tracks” on other streaming services.

You can publish your own music on This puts you, as a creator on the same playing field as everyone else. I really miss the one hit wonders that produced songs like: Baby Come Back, Kung Fu Fighting, Midnight at the Oasis. They might come back on Bandcamp, who knows.

Here are a couple of my favorite artists on

Wander is an all Filipino-American instrumental post-rock band based in San Francisco Bay Area.

I’d call them shoe gaze, ambient, surf, psych. Well worth a listen in my opinion!

Ufomammut is a power trio formed in Italy in 1999, worldwide recognized as the creator of a unique genre of psychedelic sludge: with long songs, droning vocals and massive effects the band combines a monumental riffing attitude with a peculiar kind of psychedelia.

I’d say these guys took what Sleep started refined and perfected it into a soundtrack for a Lovecraft novel. Seriously great stuff. Sense of dread, check, ancient horrors, check, fells gods at the heart of a black hole, check.

elinch is a synthesist and artist from germany.

I’ll Eurorack virtuoso. Great ambient synth stuff. Check out his performance videos on YouTube:






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