Bandcamp Playlists

Bandcamp added playlists to the app! I love Bandcamp as a service. The one problem is the where and how you can play the music you’ve bought on the service. Playlists expand this in positive ways.

Bandcamp has added features to Download an album. Go to the album page and tap Download Album.

Queue an album by tapping Queue on the album page.

Use the More button to: Add album to playlist, add to queue, download, and share the album.

Add songs to a playlist by tapping the to the right of the track. From here you can add that song to a playlist.

Along the way you’ll see the download option. You can use this to choose which songs you will store locally on your device.

You can see all of your playlists by tapping the icon and then tapping Playlists. From the music page you can tap Downloads to see all of your downloaded music. From the Playlist page you have the option to Download the entire playlist.

I love that they have added a Shuffle option. It looks like you can use this on any of the pages. You can shuffle your albums, shuffle your playlists, or Shuffle your downloads.

Bandcamp says: “This is just the start, more playlist features are in the works.” Sounds like they actively developing this and are planning new features in the future!






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