Doboz VCO340 knobs

While I wait on parts to build this I experimented with some knobs to get an idea of what the finished device will look like. My parts are back ordered until November.

The Doboz VCO340 is a an 8hp VCO built around the CEM3340 chip. My plan is to build a pair of these for a small case. Read more about this in my previous post.

The BOM specs some Rogan Knobs similar to what is found on Buchla synths. I sent with some aluminum knobs. The octave knob has a slightly smaller skirt.

I think these look good. After putting it all together like this I realized the two smaller knobs have a matte texture while the larger skirted knob has a brushed and glossy texture.

I got these knobs at:

You can get the Rogan knobs at:






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