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  • Doboz VCO340 Build

    Doboz VCO340 Build

    I built a pair of Doboz VCO340 VCOs. These are based around the CEM3340 chip, which was used in Yamaha DX7, Prophet and other famous synths from the 80s. Here are my notes for the build for anyone interested in building these VCOs for themselves. The project comes as two PCBs and an aluminum front…

  • Doboz TSNM MK I

    Doboz TSNM MK I

    The Doboz TSNM MK I is great touch controller you can build DIY. Touch Sensing Note Memory (TSNM) has 12 capacitive touch plates. TSNM can act as a keyboard, arpeggiator, and sequencer. It has a built in quantizer with a 5 octave range, pressure sensitive touch plates, and CV recorder. TSNM is a great module…

  • Doboz VCO340 progress

    Doboz VCO340 progress

    Made a little progress on the Doboz VCO340 today. Check out my previous post for more info about the VCO340. Tl;dr it’s an 8hp VCO based on the CEM 3340. i’m working on two at the moment.

  • Doboz VCO340 knobs

    Doboz VCO340 knobs

    While I wait on parts to build this I experimented with some knobs to get an idea of what the finished device will look like. My parts are back ordered until November. The Doboz VCO340 is a an 8hp VCO built around the CEM3340 chip. My plan is to build a pair of these for…

  • Doboz VCO340

    Doboz VCO340

    The Doboz VCO340 is a DIY VCO built around the CEM3340. This is a VCO on a chip that was used in many famous synthesizers back in the 80s. Here’s what the Electric Druid has to say: The 3340 is the oscillator chip found in many of the famous polysynths of the analog era; the…