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  • Doboz TSNM MK I

    Doboz TSNM MK I

    The Doboz TSNM MK I is great touch controller you can build DIY. Touch Sensing Note Memory (TSNM) has 12 capacitive touch plates. TSNM can act as a keyboard, arpeggiator, and sequencer. It has a built in quantizer with a 5 octave range, pressure sensitive touch plates, and CV recorder. TSNM is a great module […]

  • Doboz VCO340 progress

    Doboz VCO340 progress

    Made a little progress on the Doboz VCO340 today. Check out my previous post for more info about the VCO340. Tl;dr it’s an 8hp VCO based on the CEM 3340. i’m working on two at the moment.

  • Doboz VCO340 knobs

    Doboz VCO340 knobs

    While I wait on parts to build this I experimented with some knobs to get an idea of what the finished device will look like. My parts are back ordered until November. The Doboz VCO340 is a an 8hp VCO built around the CEM3340 chip. My plan is to build a pair of these for […]

  • Doboz VCO340

    Doboz VCO340

    The Doboz VCO340 is a DIY VCO built around the CEM3340. This is a VCO on a chip that was used in many famous synthesizers back in the 80s. Here’s what the Electric Druid has to say: The 3340 is the oscillator chip found in many of the famous polysynths of the analog era; the […]