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  • The Sultan

    The Sultan

    The Sultan is my first entry to the End of Days Fuzz Challenge. Based on the fuzz Face with a Bass and Treble tone control similar to tone controls used on Orange and Matamp amps. The Fuzz Face is a classic circuit. There are many Fuzz Face variants out there that sound great. The classic […]

  • Woolly Mammoth clone

    Woolly Mammoth clone.

  • Fuzz Face Ge NPN

    This is a NPN germanium Fuzz Face. It’s never sounded quite right I think the bias is off. Willl need to open this up and take a closer look.

  • D*A*M Meathead Clone

  • Haunting Mids Mini

  • Build a Fuzz Face

    Build a Fuzz Face

    This is a guide to building a Fuzz Face. It’s a step by step set of instructions. The build uses perfboard and mounts the pots on the board which makes a for a clean build with little board wiring. This is a great sounding project the parts are pretty easy to get. Fuzz Face Build […]

  • Some Fuzz Faces

    Some Fuzz Faces

    Finally getting back to building some Fuzz Face’s I started a while back. Here’s a picture, you can see the sockets for the transistors, two sets of three in a row, in the center. The input socket is two small socket pins on the right center, and the output cap is on the bottom center.

  • Millenium Bypass – Working!

    Millenium problesm all solved with the help of R.G. Who kindly pointed out that I probably didn’t have a path to ground on the out put of the effect. Which was exactly right. After having the Millennium work so well on the SHO, I decided to add one to a Fuzz Face. This Fuzz Face […]

  • Eyeball Fuzz

    Here’s a Fuzz Face with custom 60s eyeball design in sharpie. This is a Si/Ge hybrid Fuzz face with a blend cap on the input.

  • Fuzz Face for Joe part 2

    Here’s Fuzz Face wired up and stuffed in a “B” sized box. This box is from 4Site electronics. Great finish and excellent screws much better than the Taiwanese boxes that are commonly available.

  • Fuzz Face For Joe

    A few pictures of a Fuzz Face I made for a Joe. Turns out Joe hadn’t heard of the Fuzz Face. So I thought I make one for him. This one uses a Silicon 2n3906 for Q1 and a Germanium transistor for Q2. The Germanium transistor is a Chinese model not sure what the number […]