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Elktronics Fuzz

Here is an interesting fuzz built around the CA3046/3086 transistor array. Looks like a Fuzz Face/Tone Bender built around the low gain transistors in the 3046/3086.

This is a pedal from Elktronics. Looks like they sold out of their first run of these.

Here’s a demo video:

Sounds pretty good! It’s got some great fuzz Tones in there with just two controls.

Steve sent me a PCB. It’s just a handful of parts and most of those came preassembled.

He had these manufactured through JLCPCB.com. They made the boards and soldered all of the surface mount components. The boards came to me without the two box caps, glass diodes, and the 14 pin DIP socket. I soldered those myself.

Looks like it could be fun to build. I like the daughter board for switch wiring. These save a time and headaches. Here there are 6 connections which include the switch, LED, and the input and output jack connections to the switch.

Would I build or buy one of these? For sure! If I could build it, I’d do that every time, because I like the satisfaction of building. It’s a great Fuzz Face/Tonebender sound! It would definitely make the pedal board! This is in the queue expect to see a build post coming soon!





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