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  • Elktronics Fuzz

    Elktronics Fuzz

    Here is an interesting fuzz built around the CA3046/3086 transistor array. Looks like a Fuzz Face/Tone Bender built around the low gain transistors in the 3046/3086. This is a pedal from Elktronics. Looks like they sold out of their first run of these. Here’s a demo video: Sounds pretty good! It’s got some great fuzz […]

  • Tremolo XXII v2.1

    Tremolo XXII v2.1

    I updated this design again. It’s almost ready for production. In this revision, I improved the PCB layout by moving the components that make up the LFO to the left side of the board and the audio path to the right side; this meant I had to move the shape switch to the other side […]

  • Tremolo Matic XXII Stomboxology Update

    Tremolo Matic XXII Stomboxology Update

    I updated the Tremolo Matic XXII from the stompboxology newsletter by removing the single op-amp. It looked like this was used as an extra buffer for one of the reference voltages. Everything works without this extra op-amp but there is a distinct thump form the LFO. I made another run of boards via PCBWay.com. The […]

  • Tremolomatic-XXII


    This project came from the Stompoxology newsletter Volume 13 Number 2 published by Nicolas Boscorelli around 2000. I can’t find a copyright date on the issue. Stompboxology was very interesting and mysterious. The Stompboxology newsletters along with the Stompbox Cookbook would be hugely popular today. But they missed the timing for their prime audience. Nicolas […]

  • Octave Fuzz Take 2

    Here’s an updated version of the octave fuzz. Q1 and Q2 set up a basic NPN Fuzz Face type circuit. While Q3 acts as a phase splitter. Q4 and Q5 act as a frequency doubler each side being fed an inverted signal from Q3. So far the Fuzz section is working on the breadboard. The […]