Tremolo-Matic X build 3

This is a new revision of the Tremolo-Matic X from Stompboxology. You can read more about it here. In a nutshell, this tremolo splits the input signal into high pass and low pass filters and pans between the two. The sound is subtle and sweet. This type of tremolo was implemented with tubes in some Fender amps. Here the implementation is solid state. 

In this second revision I rearranged the PCB to fit a 1590BB enclosure in portrait. The first version fit a 1590BB in landscape. Besides being more compact this version makes better use of the space inside the box. I also did a better job of arranging the components on the board to keep the LFO on one side and the audio components on the other side.

I had these boards manufactured at Their prototyping service is a good deal! Boards 100mm and smaller are 10 for $5. Changing the board to portrait orientation helps keep it under the 100mm size limit! The price makes it reasonable to try different ideas as part of the prototyping process.

Pro tip: ganging orders together keeps shipping costs low!

I start by soldering the PCBs. I designed the board so the pots, and LED mount to the PCB. This makes a for a clean and easy assembly and gives a secure place to mount the board.

Then I milled and drilled a black powder-coated enclosure.

I need to update this design. The X in the name looks like an H. maybe I should think of a new name?

Next I put it all in the box and wired things up.

Last I put it all together with some knobs and closed up the box. Gave it a test and everything was working on the first try. I love it when that happens!

This thing sounds great. Subtle and sweet with a unique sound. I recommend this project to anyone who’s into tremolo. Sound great with clean tones. It might be good to add some motion under distorted tones more subtle than phase shift or flanger.

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