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  • Tremolo-matic X redux

    After playing around with this for a while I find reducing the gain on the input stage seems to get rid of the harsh noise from a hot input. Not sure if this will work for every circumstance, but it did work for my guitar. To make up for the reduced output I modified the […]

  • Trmming the NE570

    I found some good information on trimming the N570 to help remove unwanted distortion. The chip contains to two identical sections which are mirrored on either side. Pin 3 and 14 provide an input for a control voltage for the gain cells. Pin 8 and 9 provide a distortion trim fro the gain cells. Not […]

  • Termolo-Matic X

    This is the Tremolo-Matic X from Stompboxology. I’m in the process of building this for “Jonny” who I met at the last DIY Swap meet. He gave me this box to put it in.This project is coming together nicely.

  • Tremolo-Matic X

    This is Tremolo-Matic X from the Tremolo Issue of Stompboxology by Nicolas Boscorelli. I have redrawn the schematic to make it easier to read. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone attempting this project. This is Tremolo that pans between a treble and bass signal. It inlcudes controls to set the level for both the […]