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  • Bigger Muff part 2

    Bigger Muff part 2

    Looking at the Bigger Muff. Still not happy with this, it doesn’t sound bad it’s just that the range of the controls is unsatisfying. There are plenty of usable sounds some but some of the settings are not useful. Here is the schematic: Here is a BOM: Partlist: BASS A1M 16MM GAIN A100k 16MM_DUALSUSTAIN A100k…

  • Summon Fuzz a bigger muff

    Summon Fuzz a bigger muff

    This is Mic Tester’s 21st Century Big Muff. Its the standard big at it’s heart but updated. It uses an op-amp for the input and output stages, a James tone stack, and adds an interesting gain control to the clipping stages along with a diode lift switch for the first stage. I’m a Big Muff…

  • Tremolo-Matic X build 3

    Tremolo-Matic X build 3

    This is a new revision of the Tremolo-Matic X from Stompboxology. You can read more about it here. In a nutshell, this tremolo splits the input signal into high pass and low pass filters and pans between the two. The sound is subtle and sweet. This type of tremolo was implemented with tubes in some Fender…

  • Tremolo XXII v2.1

    Tremolo XXII v2.1

    I updated this design again. It’s almost ready for production. In this revision, I improved the PCB layout by moving the components that make up the LFO to the left side of the board and the audio path to the right side; this meant I had to move the shape switch to the other side…

  • Milling some new enclosures

    Milling some new enclosures

    I have a few new projects in the works. I’m doing this batch sort of assembly line style. I soldered all of the boards, now I’m milling and drilling all of the enclosures.

  • Tremolo-matic X by stompboxology

    Tremolo-matic X by stompboxology

    This circuit is based on a type of tremolo that some Fender amp models. Its operation is very interesting. It splits the signal path into a low pass and high pass routes and alternates crossfading between each. It has a sweet subtle flavor of tremolo. I had built this circuit years ago making a PCB…

  • New tremolo design

    New tremolo design

    I’m working on layout for a new tremolo. Before making the PCB I’m laying out the box. This way I can design the PCB to work with this layout. This is a tremolo based on the tremolo used in some older Fender amps. The circuit divides the signal into low pass and high pass and…

  • Electric Druid Digi-Delay

    Digidelay. This is a 4 second digital delay with a tap tempo and hi and low pass.

  • Mad Bean Aqua Boy

  • Maestro Phase shifter

  • Tremshifter

  • 1776 PCBs

    Just got some new PCBs from 1776. The quality looks great. The pots and rotary switch are attached to the PCB. This is the only way to go. I really don’t like lots of of board wiring. There are so many advantages board mounted controls. The layout is clean and organized. The board is fairly…