New tremolo design

I’m working on layout for a new tremolo. Before making the PCB I’m laying out the box. This way I can design the PCB to work with this layout.

This is a tremolo based on the tremolo used in some older Fender amps. The circuit divides the signal into low pass and high pass and cross fades between the two signals. It has a great sound, it also sounds like a phase shifter.

Here are The designs I came up with. Note that the colored circles show the outlines for typical knob diameters: 6mm, 12.5mm, 14.5mm, 18mm, 23.5mm, 25.4mm, and 37mm.

1590BB Portrait with a large Rate knob in the center
1590BB Portrait with a knobs evenly spaced
1590BB landscape with knobs evenly spaced
1590B (might be hard to get the circuit to fit in this size enclosure
1590BB Portrait with two big knobs
1590BB portrait with two big knobs on top.
1590BB landscape with two large knobs.
1590BB portrait with two large knobs symmetrical layout..






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