Distort-o-Matic VI

I’ve been fascinated by the Stompboxology and Stompbox Cookbook projects for a long time. I’ve only built a few and many of the ideas are hit and miss. The concepts presented are compelling none the less.

The Distort-o-matic VI for example, uses a very off the wall concept. The input signal is imposed on a 40k carrier wave. The carrier is a square wave generated by a 555. This signal is then fed to a high frequency transducer. The device has a high frequency receiver to pick up the signal from the transducer. The high frequency signal is filtered to leave the original input signal. Who thought of this? And what was going through their mind at time? This is so nutty!

Not sure what it will sound like. Figure you have to built it and find out. This is where we get to the hit and miss quality of the Stompboxology projects. Stay tuned for some sound samples…

I ordered all the parts to build this thing a long time ago and never got around to building it till now. Joe had the idea that we should explore the 555 and find some new things to do with it. So I dug the Stompbox Cookbook and found the Distort-o-matic VI. I etched up two boards and drilled them.

FM Modulator

Here’s another interesting snippet from the Stompbox Cookbook. I was not able to get this to work. Who knows what went on in the mind of Mr. Boscorelli?

Looks like the guitar signal is meant to modulate the frequency of the 7555 via pin 5. The 7555 then drives the 567, a phase lock loop, which tries to lock on to the signal.

The left half of this scan got cut off. If anyone is interested I’ll post the rest. I think there is just a volume pot.

Here’s a link to some info on the 567:http://mysite.du.edu/~etuttle/electron/elect12.htm

Ring Mod

Here’s an idea for a ring modulator. I used a 3080 for the balanced modulator from the Ring-Modu-Matic. I used an envelope, from the Meatball,  to control the carrier frequency.

This is untested. The controlling the FET to turn on the carrier is going to be a challenge.


Ring Modu-Matic

Here’s a PCB and Layout for the Ring Modu-Matic. I have yet to build this yet so use these files at your own risk! The dual gang pot in the lower corner I can’t get rid of, due to my lack of skills with Eagle. Notice the lines connecting the pot to pads on the PCB.

*** edit: These schematic and PCB had some errors. It’s been removed. There is an updated version the next post ***

Tremolo FX Loop

This is a first draft of an idea that I have been thinking about for a few months. It’s a Tremolo that pans between the input signal and the signal coming through the FX Loop. If no signal is coming in to the FX Loop it would act as a normal Tremolo. Otherwise it would be cycling from the straight to the effected signal.

The main idea was taking from Nicolas Boscorelli’s Stompboxology Tremolo-Matic X. I make no gaurantees that this actually works as I haven’t built it. This is just a first pass to get the idea down.