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  • Tremolo XXII v2.1

    Tremolo XXII v2.1

    I updated this design again. It’s almost ready for production. In this revision, I improved the PCB layout by moving the components that make up the LFO to the left side of the board and the audio path to the right side; this meant I had to move the shape switch to the other side […]

  • The Sultan

    The Sultan

    The Sultan is my first entry to the End of Days Fuzz Challenge. Based on the fuzz Face with a Bass and Treble tone control similar to tone controls used on Orange and Matamp amps. The Fuzz Face is a classic circuit. There are many Fuzz Face variants out there that sound great. The classic […]

  • Distort-o-Matic XI Stompboxology

    Distort-o-Matic XI Stompboxology

    Here’s another project from Nicholas Boscorelli’s Stomboxology newsletter: Going Discreet. Described by the author as: All-transistor distortion box with aggressive tone controls. Nicholas Boscorelli When I look at this I see a diode clipper similar to the Electra, DOD 250, MXR Distortion+, Proco Rat, and others, combined with a Super Fuzz octave Fuzz type octave […]

  • Tremolo-Matic XVIII Build

    Tremolo-Matic XVIII Build

    This is a tremolo built around a couple inductors, its from the Stompboxology newsletter: Going Discreet issue. If you’re not familiar, Stompboxology was a newsletter produced by Nicholas Boscorelli around 2002. It had many stompbox ideas, including circuits, layouts, and analysis. The Going Discreet issue is about building circuits with transistors. This issue has the best description […]

  • New PCB day!

    New PCB day!

    I have a few new PCB projects in the mail today. Flatline Compressor by John Hollis Titan Boost by John Hollis Tremolo-matic XXVIII from Stompboxology Distort-o-matic XI from Stompboxology Bobtavia by Bob Starr John Hollis John Hollis was one of the first people I ran into posting DIY designs on the internet. All of his […]

  • Tremolo-matic X by stompboxology

    Tremolo-matic X by stompboxology

    This circuit is based on a type of tremolo that some Fender amp models. Its operation is very interesting. It splits the signal path into a low pass and high pass routes and alternates crossfading between each. It has a sweet subtle flavor of tremolo. I had built this circuit years ago making a PCB […]

  • Tremolo Matic XXII Stomboxology Update

    Tremolo Matic XXII Stomboxology Update

    I updated the Tremolo Matic XXII from the stompboxology newsletter by removing the single op-amp. It looked like this was used as an extra buffer for one of the reference voltages. Everything works without this extra op-amp but there is a distinct thump form the LFO. I made another run of boards via PCBWay.com. The […]

  • Tremolomatic-XXII


    This project came from the Stompoxology newsletter Volume 13 Number 2 published by Nicolas Boscorelli around 2000. I can’t find a copyright date on the issue. Stompboxology was very interesting and mysterious. The Stompboxology newsletters along with the Stompbox Cookbook would be hugely popular today. But they missed the timing for their prime audience. Nicolas […]

  • Distort-o-Matic VI

    I’ve been fascinated by the Stompboxology and Stompbox Cookbook projects for a long time. I’ve only built a few and many of the ideas are hit and miss. The concepts presented are compelling none the less. The Distort-o-matic VI for example, uses a very off the wall concept. The input signal is imposed on a […]

  • FM Modulator

    Here’s another interesting snippet from the Stompbox Cookbook. I was not able to get this to work. Who knows what went on in the mind of Mr. Boscorelli? Looks like the guitar signal is meant to modulate the frequency of the 7555 via pin 5. The 7555 then drives the 567, a phase lock loop, […]

  • Ring Mod

    Here’s an idea for a ring modulator. I used a 3080 for the balanced modulator from the Ring-Modu-Matic. I used an envelope, from the Meatball,  to control the carrier frequency. This is untested. The controlling the FET to turn on the carrier is going to be a challenge.

  • Ring Modu-Matic take two

    There were a few mistakes in the last version of this. Here’s an updated schematic and PCB.