Casualty 4 Phaser MKII

Just tested this one again. My mistake the shape pot is working. It seems to me that the Width pot seems to square off the LFO wave form as it is turned up. With Width all the way up the LFO seems to produce more of a square wave.


This will be the fourth time I try to build one of these. I made a PCB for the original using the layout from GGG. I never finished this. Then I built and finished a second using the layout from I couldn’t get this to work. I forget what the problems were, it was more than a few years ago. Franciso Pena, of came up with a new and improved version that used 13600 in place of the 3080s. I built the first version of this. It was the most successful of the bunch. It worked pretty well but had two problems that I couldn’t seem to solve. With mine you could hear a ticking from the sample rate oscillator and the sweep switch refused to work in one direction.

Anyway, I found a sheet of PnP that I had printed sometime ago of Francisco’s second version of the FSH-1. I thought what the heck, might as well give it another try.

FSH-1 v2