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  • 1776 Bear Hug Compressor

    1776 Bear Hug Compressor

    It’s a compressor, might be a good one, I can’t tell. From what I here the best compressors are the ones that make you ask “is this thing on?” Easy build worked on the first test.

  • 1776 Multiplex Jr

    1776 Multiplex Jr

    This is a multiplex Jr from 1776 I like this better than the zero point from mad bean. The zero point has more options, but I think the sound is better on the Jr. The difference is really slim. They are both built on almost the same PT2399 core.

  • 1776 multiplex echo

    1776 multiplex echo

    this is a great project. The pcb is well done, and helps make building a complex project easier. The sound is great also. The controls are all relevant . The extra footswitch changes the delay time. This effect is subtle. It also seems the first time you step on the switch it takes a few…

  • 1776 PCBs

    Just got some new PCBs from 1776. The quality looks great. The pots and rotary switch are attached to the PCB. This is the only way to go. I really don’t like lots of of board wiring. There are so many advantages board mounted controls. The layout is clean and organized. The board is fairly…