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  • Vulcan Build

    Vulcan Build

    The Vulcan is a heavy over to distortion by Joe Davisson. Check his Analog Alchemy page for more of his designs. Here’s a discussion of the circuit over at the DIYStompboxes forum. I created a PCB you can order at OSH Park. Part Value C1 100n C2 100n C3 100n C4 2n2 C5 100n C6…

  • Vulcan by Joe Davisson

    This is Joe Davisson’s Vulcan overdrive. Starting with a prototype board made at home with the Othermill, then turned this into a board from OSHPARK. Boxed up and is working well. This is an interesting overdrive with a couple unique circuit features.

  • Shocktave first impression

    This worked right after I found a small solder bridge grounding the input cap. The PCB layout I posted has some very small traces that are very close to the ground plane. I thought this was going to be a nightmare to solder. It was actually not too hard. I found careful application of small…