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  • Deformis – Ugly Face with a mix control

    Deformis – Ugly Face with a mix control

    Here is an updated post with a schematic and parts for the Deformis. This started as Tim Escobedo’s Ugly Face. I made a few changes. I swapped the LM386 with a dual op-amp. The 386 was used in the Ugly Face as an amplifier with a gain of 200, a single op-amp can easily replace…

  • Ugly Face with Mix

    Ugly Face with Mix

    I’m a big fan of the Tim Escobedo’s Ugly Face. This is a super fun project, sort of a. right of passage for DIY pedal makers. The sound is unique. The best way to describe it is as a square wave oscillator that hard syncs to the guitar signal. Since the output is either on…