ICBM (op-amp Big Muff Clone)

Here’s a purple sparkle op-amp Big Muff Clone. This fine specimen is for sale on my Reverb shop. If you’re in familiar, the Big Muff circuit is built around 4 transistors for all of the different versions except for one version made in 1978. This version has am similar but unique sound and was built around completely different circuit using op-amps and no transistors. Read more about the op-amp Big Muff here: Kit Rae’s history of the Big Muff.

Making 6 versions of the Big Muff

What’s the difference between all those different versions of the big muff? I decided to find out! This is a thoroughly unscientific experiment. I got 7 mini big muff boards from mad bean pedals. The build docs include instructions for building each of 6 different versions.

Why 7 boards? I usually screw something up it’s always good to have a spare!

So far the Triangle is done. The boxes are made and the other boards are in process.