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  • Elktronics Fuzz Build

    Elktronics Fuzz Build

    This PCB came from Elktronics. It’s fuzz similar to the fuzz face and Tonebender built around the CA3046/3086 transistor array. Here’s a demo: The board came with all of the surface mount parts in place. I needed to add the two box caps, the two glass diodes, and the CA3046. I put a socket in…

  • CA3046/3086 transistor array

    CA3046/3086 transistor array

    The CA3046 is a 14 pin DIP that contains 5 NPN transistors. CA3086 and CA3045 are the same chip with a different number and some other esoteric differences. There is also an LM3046 and LM3086, same chip different manufacturer. What is a transistor array? The CA3046 contains 5 NPN transistors in a single 14 pin…