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  • Deformis – Ugly Face with a mix control

    Deformis – Ugly Face with a mix control

    Here is an updated post with a schematic and parts for the Deformis. This started as Tim Escobedo’s Ugly Face. I made a few changes. I swapped the LM386 with a dual op-amp. The 386 was used in the Ugly Face as an amplifier with a gain of 200, a single op-amp can easily replace…

  • Deformis


    Deformis is my take on Tim Escobedo’s Ugly Face. I put this in a wah shell with the pedal controlling the frequency. The envelope was removed, and I’ve added a mix control. Design Here’s a schematic I came up with With some help from the friendly people over at DIYStompboxes.com. I wanted to add a…

  • Building wah enclosures

    Building wah enclosures

    I wrote about buying some bare wah shells earlier here. I started assembling them for a project. Here are some notes for anyone else trying these. If you’re going to paint or do any type of finishing work, you should do that before going through all of the assembly process. It would be difficult to…