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  • Small Time Build

    Small Time Build

    Small Time is a PT2399 delay designed by the Valve Wizard. This delay has tails. This allows the delay sound to continue after the pedal is bypassed. My first built worked well and wounded good. The tails was not as exciting as I thought it would but it is interesting and a small bonus. The…

  • Zero point mini – Mad Bean

    Mad Bean Vero Point Delay. This is a PT2399 delay with a tone control on the repeats and some modulation on the delay.

  • Dark Echo – Jack Deville

  • 1776 Multiplex Jr

    1776 Multiplex Jr

    This is a multiplex Jr from 1776 I like this better than the zero point from mad bean. The zero point has more options, but I think the sound is better on the Jr. The difference is really slim. They are both built on almost the same PT2399 core.

  • 1776 multiplex echo

    1776 multiplex echo

    this is a great project. The pcb is well done, and helps make building a complex project easier. The sound is great also. The controls are all relevant . The extra footswitch changes the delay time. This effect is subtle. It also seems the first time you step on the switch it takes a few…

  • Madbean zero point mini

    Madbean zero point mini

    This is a zero point mini, built from a board by madbean. The board was great. Well laid out, everything went together well. The sound is good, as good as any other PT2399 delay. The extra controls don’t provide enough audible variation ┬áto justify. This is a good project but, I would recommend a more…

  • 1776 PCBs

    Just got some new PCBs from 1776. The quality looks great. The pots and rotary switch are attached to the PCB. This is the only way to go. I really don’t like lots of of board wiring. There are so many advantages board mounted controls. The layout is clean and organized. The board is fairly…

  • Echoette

    This is Rebote 2 from tonePad.com. It sounds great. Very analog. This build was so fun I built. The design on the box was based on a design I found in a book on Tibetan art. It was a little work to get everything into a B sized box. But after the solder fumes had…