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  • Guitar thing

    Guitar thing

    This finely crafted guitar body was made from plywood with a mildly figured masonite top. The construction is much like the Danelectro guitars from the early sixties. The body shape is a Gibson Melody Maker, the neck and bridge are from a Fender Telecaster. The pickup arrangement and wiring will use three pickups and a […]

  • Guitar pickups that promise everything

    I just read this quote about a pick up called the Nazgûl. I love the name. I need to install one of these in my +2 Axe! “The Nazgûl was developed for extreme metal players who required a massive and aggressive tone that still maintained plenty of articulation. The Pegasus was developed for prog and […]

  • Guitar Progress

    Guitar Progress

    Here’s a few pictures of progress on my guitar. I’ve cut and routed the body to shape. The neck fits pretty good. Radius on the corners on the neck are something smaller than 1/2″, the size of the router bit. I think I’ll round these off so the neck fits snug against the heel of […]

  • Baritone Guitar

    I had gotten this itch to get a baritone guitar. Not sure where it came from, maybe I was listening to to much Ennio Morricone? I must have bought it in the early 2000s. I found this on sale for $199 and thought it looked like a pretty good deal. It’s a Squier Sub-Sonic. The […]

  • Sustainers

    I was at the DIY swap meet last weekend where I was shown a DIY “e-bow”. It consisted of an electric motor, 9V battery and switch. The shaft of the motor had what looked like a propeller made of electrical tape. The idea was to turn the motor on and hold the device so the […]

  • New Guitar

    Sometimes you have to buy a new guitar. Sometimes you just give in. I saw this and was inspired. Not sure why, it does have a unique look. I figured the expense was not justified. After thinking about this for a week, I came up with the idea to hawk some old junk on ebay. […]