Royal Jelly Buzz

Really just a Woolly Mammoth clone. I used some rubber stamps and Stazon ink to decorate the box. It’s sporting an obnoxiously bright green LED. The LED is probably the only thing I don’t like about this box.

This is a mastodon fuzz pcb from music pcb. It’s a small pcb that mounts on the stomp switch. While the idea good and the layout of the pcb is good, it just doesn’t live up to its promise.

Let me explain, for me the promise is simple easy wiring and compact space. While the board is compact its dimensions make it very difficult to build it in a 1590B with a battery. Without a battery things are easier. I managed to make it work by pushing the pots up as far as they could go, which places the knobs awkwardly close together.

This was the first I tried using ribbon cable for wiring. I like it and will use this again.

IMG_1094.JPG IMG_1095.JPG IMG_1093.JPG

Bass Overdrive

This is a bass overdrive built from PCBs from The boards were professionally made. The layout is good, with pots mounted to the PCB. The  LED is also mounted to the PCB. Actually everything goes through the PCB, except for the ground wire from the battery clip. The system seemed to work well and makes for an easy wiring job.

The boards included a system to use a bi-color LED. With a single red/green LED, the LED would show red when the effect was on and bypassed, and show green when the effect is engaged. While I appreciate the ingenuity, I didn’t choose to implement this feature. I feel if the light is on I’ll think the effect is engaged. Everything else I have works this way.

The build was pretty easy. I used parts I had on hand. This build doesn’t use any non standard parts. This effect relies on overdriving JFETs. Using two MPF102, and a single 2n5457. Nothing too special the claim is carefully chosen caps make the system work well with bass.