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  • Vulcan 1.2

    Vulcan 1.2

    I made a couple small updates to the first Vulcan PCB. Got the new boards and did a build to confirm they are working as expected. Everything works as it should! This is a pretty good sounding overdrive distortion. The best part is the ability to clean up the sound by rolling off the volume.…

  • Vulcan V1.2

    Vulcan V1.2

    Here’s a Vulcan V1.2 circuit it adds reverse polarity protection, and ground pads for input and output jacks. These are available on OSH Park. Order some boards and follow the build guide to build your own Vulcan. Vulcan On OSH Park Vulcan Build Docs

  • Vulcan by Joe Davisson

    This is Joe Davisson’s Vulcan overdrive. Starting with a prototype board made at home with the Othermill, then turned this into a board from OSHPARK. Boxed up and is working well. This is an interesting overdrive with a couple unique circuit features.