Building a mini big muff. This was built to mad beans Triangle spec.

Mini Range Master. I used the Mad Bean PCB with charge pump to generate -9 volts. I used old stock OC44.

Mad Bean Vero Point Delay. This is a PT2399 delay with a tone control on the repeats and some modulation on the delay.

New work in progress

A nice opamp big muff PCB 
Mad bean Shark Fin. Based on the maestro filter sample and hold. I’m obsessed with this circuit, I’ve built several versions of it and own some boutique iterations.
Ooh look an ugly face, this is another effect that had become a minor obsession. I’ve built more than a few of these. 
Mad bean zero point mini.  

Okay so, here we take a look behind the scenes at the pile of unfinished work. This picture was taken inches the left of the previous images.